GEA Tuchenhagen's sanitary valve product range is covering variants, specially developed for any processing application and requirement.

The sanitary valve product range covers 3 main product series VARIVENT , ECOVENTand our new developed T-SMART. Each serie has their special characteristic.

VARIVENT  valve serie are characterised by their special sealing technique. The metallic stop of the valve disk is the core element for a controlled deformation of the seal. This technique provide long intervals between service of the valve.

ECOVENT valve serie are based on the VARIVENT philosophy, but offers a more cost effective product serie with all the basic functions.

T-smart valve series is designed for less complex valve tasks than solved by the VARIVENT and ECOVENT valve series. The T-smart valve series is characterized by highly standardized products, with limited flexibility in the product range. Very cost effective.

The sanitary valve program offers several different valve types. Please follow below links in order to find out more information.