The Mixproof Valves are used for mixproof separation of incompatible media at flow path intersections within the pipe system. In the closed position of the valve (non-actuated position) always two seals are located between the pipes. If one of the seals fails, leakage may drain via the therefore provided leakage outlet without intermixing with the product being in the second pipe.

They are available in IPS and OD pipe sizes from OD 1" through to IPS 6" and with actuators to hold against 145 psi. The Mixproof Valve range includes balanced valves to withstand pressure surges, Mixproof Valves for horizontal mounting as well as general Mixproof Valves for all applications.

Seat gaskets in Mixproof Valves are arranged in either an axial or radial configuration. Radial gaskets as in the Type R valve ensure that there is no emission from the cavity when the valve is activated. Radial seal Mixproof Valves also have a balanced lower stem to counteract pressure forces directed against the lower valve seat. This feature makes the valve less susceptible to pressure surges. The lower seat moves in a downward direction when activating lower seat lift.

GEAs Mixproof Valves are available in VARIVENTŪ serie and in our new T-smart serie.

The T-smart valve series is characterized by standardized products, while still offering the necessary variations (e.g. body combinations, seals, feedback options). Clearly assigned item numbers simplify the selection and ordering process.

The VARIVENTŪ Mixproof Valves are available in the following types

VARIVENTŪ Balanced Mixproof Shut Off Valve Type B
VARIVENTŪTank Bottom and Horizontal Mounted Mixproof Valves Type T
VARIVENTŪ Leak Free Mixproof Valve Type R
VARIVENTŪ Mixproof Shut Off Valve Type D
VARIVENTŪ Mixproof Divert Valve Type Y
VARIVENTŪ Mixproof CIP Valve Type K
VARIVENTŪ Balanced Leak Free Mixproof Valve - Type R
VARIVENTŪ Mixproof Valves (pig-able), Type L

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