The Modulating Control Valves are used for pressure control, rating and for mixing of liquids at different temperatures.

Special positioners are provided for high accuracy adjustment of the stroke length. Several kvs-values per nominal width may be set for optimising the valve to the specific process. 

 The modulating control valve is available in the VARIVENT® serie and are delivered in 2 types(A & S) :

The VARIVENT® Modulating Control Valve Type A is equipped with a stainless steel multi-spring actuator.

Available options:
Flow converging control valve with symmetric trim (type AWW) 
Flow diverting control valve with symmetric trim. (type AWX)
Valves with 3-stage seat are used in case of high pressure differences for the reduction of cavitation and noise.(type AWX)

VARIVENT® Modulating Control Valve Type S is equipped with an actuator pressed steel sheet (plastic laminated). Type S is not available as shuttle valve and 3-stage valve