The GEA control modules, called T.VISŪ (Tuchenhagen Valve-Information-System) , are control module of the newest generation that sets new standards for economic operation and operational reliability.

Todays modern processing plants has set up high demands on the quality and functionality of the processing valves used. The demands include constant surveillance on all processing valves in contact with the product. The valve surveillance ensure high process reliability and full traceability in the plant.

GEA T.VISŪ control modules can be mounted on all VARIVENTŪ, ECOVENTŪ and STERICOMŪ Valves.

Three (3) main models(*) of the control module T.VISŪ serie are available:

- T.VISŪ A7 is a control module of the newest generation that sets new standards for operational reliability and offers numerous advantages such as:
A self-learning function
Continuous monitoring of the valve position
The valve's switching states are made widely visible
Diagnosis via data bus for the analysis function, reduced response times when analysing faults
T.VISŪ A7 can be used as an insular solution for all commercially available bus systems
The modular design allows plug & produce replacement of the communications unit in the control head (feedback signal to the control centre)
T.VISŪ A7 can be fitted/retrofitted to almost all GEA Tuchenhagen valve types

- T.VISŪ P-20 – the control module for VARIVENTŪ / ECOVENTŪ single seat and butterfly valves. The P-20 control module in combination with e.g. a single seat or butterfly valve offers a cost-effective and economical alternative to modulating control valves. The control module T.VISŪ P-20 provides: 
Particularities adjustable
Easy and safe operation without tools
Manual operation of the process valve
Automatic initialisation
OPEN and CLOSED signal feed back (optional)
Analog outlet as standard

- T. VISŪ M-1 – the control module with the proven sensor technology. The M-1 control module offers a new, cost-efficient variant of the feedback system.
The T.VISŪ M-1 control module provides:
Proven sensor technology
Easy and fast adjustment of sensors
Valve status clearly signalling by LED
Divers communication versions available
Replacement possibility of former systems
Remarkable reduction of operating costs

(*) Other models are available for VESTA Sterile valves