The GEA In-Line Control & Measurement serie is called VARINLINEŽ.

VARINLINEŽ is developed by GEA Tuchenhagen and covers a whole serie of In-line control and measuring instruments, which all meets the high hygienic specifications within cleanability and sterilizability, of course without dismantling the instrument itself.

The "core" of the whole VARINLINEŽ serie is the In-line housing called "VARINLINEŽ Access Unit". The Access Unit is a two-port straight-through housing with two lateral fittings for the connection of any VARINLINEŽ instrument.

Benifits of the VARINLINEŽ serie:

- Keep In-line instruments in a pocket-free installation. 
- Free access for exchange or replacement of instruments.
- Unused ports are easy sealed with a standard blanking plate.
- Control instrumentation is independent of pipe diameter and process variables.

The standard VARINLINEŽ instrument program covers today a long range of different control and instrument. All instruments are developed to fit perfectly into the VARINLINEŽ Access Unit.

Please find below list of VARINLINEŽ instruments:

- Temperature Indicator. 
- Temperature Transmitter.
- Pressure Transmitter.
- Pressure indicator.

- Conductivity Transmitter. 
- Flow Switch.
- Turbidity Switch.
- Turbidity Transmitter.

- Colour Switch. 
- Colour Transmitter.
- Sight Glass.
- Level Electrode