GEA Centrifugal Separators have under the name Westfalia become indispensable in all sectors such as fragmentation and enzyme treatment in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, oil and fat recovery and production of dairy products, beer, wine, fruit and vegetable juices.

As stand-alone units or integrated in complete process lines, GEAs extensive product line offers value-adding solutions pointing the way forward for the entire industry in terms of quality and customer benefits.

Westfalia separators for the dairy industry can be divided into following groups:

  • Skimming Separators for skimming of milk and whey and clarification and standardisation of milk
  • Clarifier Separators for clarification of milk and whey
  • Bacteria Removing Separators for bacterial clarification of milk and whey, e.g. for market and cheese milk
  • Soft Cheese Separators for soft cheese (quark), cream cheese, strained yoghurt and Labneh.

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Furthermore, GEA has developed a range of advanced and patented processes enabling previously unattainable results to be achieved.

  • PROTEIN-PLUS allows a higher protein yield as a result of extremely high separating efficiency, thus permitting optimised solids concentration. As a consequence, it is - by using the PROTEIN-PLUS method - possible to recover valuable protein which could not previously be used in this way.
  • PROCOOL makes it possible to switch from warm to cold milk separation with the same separator. For the dairy industry, this means significant cost reductions due to less machinery and reduced energy consumption.

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