Fruit concentrate is produced mainly in order to preserve fresh fruit during long-distance transportation from its natural growing areas to the consumers around the world. During the extraction/concentration process several high-value by-products can be collected and processed separately depending on the fruit composition.

The actual processing line is determined by the fruit itself. The various fruits can be processed into pulps, puree, nectars, concentrates, clear or cloudy juices, marmalades, jams, fruit in pieces, slices or dices in juices or solid pack.

GEA has introduced another strong innovation in the production of fruit and vegetable juices. The patented FRUPEX® method allows separators and decanters to be used for the first time in a complete fruit processing line. The advantages of this method compared with the conventional pressing method are obvious: gentler treatment of the raw material, a significant increase in yield and a constantly high juice quality. The FRUPEX® method is suitable for virtually all fruit and vegetable types. It provides the advantages of extremely rapid and continuous processing with short throughput times. Thanks to this extremely gentle process, the enzyme changes to the product are very low and there are absolutely no microbiological changes to the product.

GEA Liquid Processing specializes in the design of processing systems for all kinds of fruit juice products. As a member of GEA Group we provide a comprehensive range of processing components developed and designed for the liquid processing industry. Our product know-how, combined with our strong process engineering and design expertise, ensures correct plant design and hygienic solutions for all types of fruit juice products.

The below processing steps/parameters, based on GEA’s patented FRUPEX® technology, are only general guidelines and should be considered as such.

Main Processing Sequence

Graded and Washed Fresh Fruit
Sequence Process/Technology
1. Extraction Macerator, squeezing (BROWN) or pressing (FMC)
2. Finishing (stage I+II) GEA Westfalia, decanters (FRUPEX)
3. Clarification GEA Westfalia, clarifier or GEA Filtration
4. Evaporation GEA Wiegand, evaporater
5. Clarification II GEA Filtration, ultrafiltration

Further concentration/processing

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