The term “white cheese” is a type of fresh cheese which has coagulated by rennet (curd cheese) and soft ripened in brine. The most famous type of white cheese is Feta (Greek-type white cheese). Traditional, structured Feta is manufactured in line with a traditional cheese process. However, over the last couple of decades an alternative, cast or UF Feta has gained a solid foothold and has become the most common way of producing white cheese. The below processing parameters refer to this new cast/UF type of white cheese.

White cheeses are sold under names like Apetina, Feta, Halloumi, Domiati, Peynir and Paneer, etc. - all manufactured according to varying process parameters.

In contrast to traditional “rennet or curd cheeses” whose processing and ripening may be disturbed by whey proteins, migration of the whey proteins into white cheese is advantageous as it may improve the water binding capacity and firmness of the cheese. Furthermore, the syneresis will be reduced and the yield will be increased. Use of ultrafiltration technology allows for collection of whey proteins in the UF retentate and consequent increase of the yield.

In low or non-fat white cheese products a positive texture modification can be achieved by adding microparticulated whey protein produced on GEA Filtration’s MICRO FORMULA Module. Dosing of eg. 5% MICRO FORMULA microparticulated whey protein into the retentate will lead to a texture and mouth feel corresponding to a fat content of 30-40% F.i.D.M.

White cheeses are produced in many different varieties around the world, but the main processing steps are identical. Pasteurised skimmed milk is concentrated to the desired total solid content in an ultrafiltration plant. Then the retentate is homogenised and pasteurised. Eventually, acidifier (culture or GDL), rennet and salt (if required) are dosed into the product in-line with the filling.

The below processing parameters are general guidelines and should only be considered as such.

Processing Sequence

Sequence Process/Technology
Pasteurized milk Cheese milk
Concentration (1:5) Ultrafiltration
Homogenization (50 bar) Homogeniser
Pasteurization (80C for 60 sec.) PHE Systems/VARITHERM

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