Chewing gum consists of a gum base with either a surface coating syrup or flavour and colour added directly to the gum base. Chewing gum is most commonly used as chewing candy but has in the last decade also been introduced for pharmaceutical purposes such as nicotine addiction treatment, dental hygiene etc.

Chewing gum is usually sold in small retail packages with or without sugar. Chewing gum is sold all over the world in a large variety of sizes, flavours, forms and package designs.

The generic name of chewing gum is derived from the fact that it is made of various chewable gum types.

Gum base is the main component in the process. The gum base is made of various gum types with an addition of softeners, emulsifiers etc. These ingredients are mixed and kneaded at a high temperature. Depending on the type of technology used, the gum base can be either extruded into pellets and cooled, or processed with sugar or other sweeteners to a final gum. The gum base is rolled into the right size and form and the pieces are punched out and stored for final hardening. The gum pieces are covered with coating syrup in a gentle and controlled phase. Each piece is covered 7 to 8 times in order to achieve the desired coating layer.

Subsequently, the pieces will be polished and checked before final packaging.
In addition to flavour and aroma, correct appearance and consistency of the chewing gum are important features which are determined by the choice and use of processing parameters.

Accurate dosing and heating of the gum are essential processing steps for achieving the correct appearance and consistency of the final product.

Processing Systems from GEA Liquid Processing
GEA Liquid Processing specializes in the design of processing systems for selected parts of the chewing gum process. As a member of GEA Group, we are able to provide a full range of processing components which are all developed and designed for the food and pharmaceutical industries. Our product know-how combined with our strong process engineering and design expertise ensure correct plant design and hygienic solutions for selected parts of the chewing gum production.

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