Soft drinks are the thirst-quenching choice for all ages.

Soft drink can vary in flavour and are typically served chilled. They are normally sweet, non-alcoholic beverages. Examples of the diversity of soft drinks can be cola, lemonade, ice tea, and sparkling water to name but a few. 

The Process
Soft drinks are produced through the fairly simple process of mixing carbonated water with a concentrate of the desired flavour. No matter which flavour is in production, the process of producing soft drinks is the same. The concentrate is produced from a mixture of dissolved powder with water and sugar added. The addition of carbonated water comes just before the bottling process.

The Market
As a non-alcoholic beverage, the market for soft drinks is worldwide, and does not suffer from the same limitations as alcoholic beverages such as beer and spirits. Soft drinks are marketed and sold all over the world and to consumers of all ages. Specific soft drink brands such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi are some of the most recognisable and well-known brands wherever you go in the world.

Our Competencies
GEA Liquid Processing can offer the technical know-how of the processes involved in the production of soft drinks, and can supply all the equipment required for soft drink production up to the bottling phase.

GEA Liquid Processing knows the importance of maintaining cleanliness throughout the entire process and eliminating the risk of product contamination, and as a consequence, we always supply hygienic process solutions meeting the strictest international requirements.

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